Thales of Miletus Business Awards 2023

The 5th “Thales of Miletus” Business Awards focused on Innovation and rewarded companies that change the standards in their industry, enhancing technological progress and the transformation of the Greek economy. Through their initiatives, work, actions, research excellence and investment in technology, Greek companies are changing the way we think, operate and interact with the modern world.

Honorary Distinctions

Konstantinos Makedos, President of the Fund of Engineers and Public Works Contractors (TMEDE)

Competitive Process Awards

Award in the category “Health”

DNA SEQUENCE for the application of innovative methods of metagenomics in a number of sectors, including the health sector.

Award in the category “Tourism”

CLIO MUSE TOURS for the innovative self-guided tours platform it has created.

Award in the “Infrastructure” category

COSMOTE and HELLAS GOLD for the creation of the first private network with mobile telephony infrastructure in the underground mine in Olympiada, Halkidiki.

Award in the category “Financial Technology”

DIAS S.A. for the introduction of the money transfer application, direct payments IRIS.

Award in the Category “Manufacturing”

GIZELIS ROBOTICS as the leading manufacturer of high-tech robotics systems and automation applications.

Award in the category “Energy – Environment”

VIOLANTA for the innovative technology developed to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of its factory.

Award in the category “Agri-food”

NEUROPUBLIC for the development of the innovative intelligent farming system “gaiasense”.

Award in the category “Fashion”

MARINA RAPHAEL for the innovations introduced in the production process of its products.

Award in the category ‘Supply Chain’.

LAST MILY for the “smart” shipment management platform created with the help of AI.

Award in the category “Human Resources”

OWIWI for developing an innovative psychometric assessment tool for candidates based on online gaming using cutting-edge technology.

Award in the category “Start-ups”

MANTIS B.I. as one of the fastest growing companies in the field of innovation and start-up entrepreneurship in Greece.

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