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GOLD Award at the Tourism Awards

Palladian Communication Specialists and DASC Branding led by Demosthenes Broussalis, received a GOLD award in the category “Enrichment of the Destination Tourism Offer” at this year’s Tourism Awards for the destination video project “Neurokopi. Find Your Nature!” The goal of the video production was to highlight the unique beauty of the destination throughout the year. […]

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

On Wednesday, March 13th, the award ceremony of “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2023 took place, followed by a press conference by the winners the next day. The ceremony, held at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, was attended by prominent figures from the political, business, and academic world of Greece honoring Greek entrepreneurship and […]

Kostopoulos Horeca: Dynamic And Innovative Presence At Xenia 2023 Exhibition

KOSTOPOULOS HORECA, a catering and tourism equipment company, held an informative event for its customers, in the context of its participation in the XENIA 2023 exhibition. The company’s stand, which was specially designed for the needs of this year’s exhibition as a fully functional professional catering space, was visited by professionals of various specialties of […]

TASTE: like CHIOS PBA Conference 2023

“The innovative study on Gastronomic Tourism for Chios, titled ‘TASTE: like CHIOS,’ has received another significant recognition on an international scientific level.” The innovative study on Gastronomic Tourism for Chios, titled ‘TASTE: like CHIOS,’ by Dimosthenis Brousalis, a result of collaboration between Palladian Communication Specialists and Dasc Branding Athens, was selected and presented as a […]

ACS Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Sorting Center in Aigaleo

A Milestone in Technological Advancement and Sustainable Operations ACS proudly unveiled its new Sorting Center in Aigaleo on Thursday, October 19th. The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, the Minister of Digital Governance, Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou, the Deputy Minister of […]

Thales of Miletus Business Awards 2023

The 5th “Thales of Miletus” Business Awards focused on Innovation and rewarded companies that change the standards in their industry, enhancing technological progress and the transformation of the Greek economy. Through their initiatives, work, actions, research excellence and investment in technology, Greek companies are changing the way we think, operate and interact with the modern […]

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