Valina joined Palladian in 2022, as an assistant accountant, specializing in bookkeeping and tax consulting.

She graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business, with a degree in Business Administration, while she also holds a Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence from the Pedagogical department of the University of Crete.

With ten years of experience in accounting firms and companies from different industries, Valina is a key member of the Finance Department, as she is now in charge of the company’s payroll procedure.

She likes to maintain a positive attitude towards any arising challenges, and she uses it to encourage her colleagues to work as a team, in order to make the right decisions and achieve the set goals.

60, Skoufa Str., GR 106 80 Athens
+30 210 3392321
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60, Skoufa Str., GR 106 80 Athens
+30 210 3392321