George entered the Mathematics Department of the University of Athens in 2011, but quickly his communication skills and versatile personality led him to the world of sales. He worked as an external salesman for an advertising company for 4 years.

He utilized the experience and stimuli gained from sales and combined with his mathematical mindset, he worked as an administrative officer for gas construction company J&P Aerion Energy. He quickly assumed responsibility and was actively involved in day-to-day decision making, reporting directly to the General Manager.

Next stop was NN Hellas Insurance where he worked as an insurance agent developing his own portfolio of clients. Following, the Hellas Stones cement-products factory, where he served as a sales executive, contributing crucially to the increase in turnover for the 7 months of the partnership.

He has been a member of Palladian since March 2023. His overall understanding and perspective of how a business operates, his eloquence and critical thinking are some of the elements that add to the dynamics of our team. He is involved with accounts of clients in the banking and industrial sectors by acting as a Junior Account Executive and participates in the event planning for Palladian Conferences.

60, Skoufa Str., GR 106 80 Athens
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60, Skoufa Str., GR 106 80 Athens
+30 210 3392321