Kostopoulos Horeca: Dynamic And Innovative Presence At Xenia 2023 Exhibition

KOSTOPOULOS HORECA, a catering and tourism equipment company, held an informative event for its customers, in the context of its participation in the XENIA 2023 exhibition.

The company’s stand, which was specially designed for the needs of this year’s exhibition as a fully functional professional catering space, was visited by professionals of various specialties of the catering and tourism industry, to whom the full range of products and the scope of KOSTOPOULOS HORECA’s activities were presented. The company’s executives informed the participants about the company’s professional equipment solutions, while in the discussions that followed, they also answered technical questions raised by the participants.

The event was welcomed by Mr. Yannis Antsaklis and Mr. Stelios Gavos, the company’s financial and commercial director respectively, who referred to the impact of tourism on the Greek economy and the dynamics of KOSTOPOULOS HORECA to support the professionals of the industry with a variety of solutions and options.

The event was characterized by high attendance and attracted the keen interest of both the guests and the visitors of the exhibition in general. Special permission had to be requested from the organizers of XENIA 2023 to extend the opening hours at the KOSTOPOULOS HORECA booth by one hour, in order to accommodate all those who attended.

Palladian Communication Specialists actively contributed to the success of the event with its “on the spot” support, the preparation and management of the guest list and successful media coverage in more than 150 print and online media.

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